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For the past 34 years, we have set the pace for disseminating the teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad in publications, audio, video and various other media.

Those familiar with the works of Messenger Elijah Muhammad can bear witness to the profoundity of them. The eye one sees with in one sitting is generally widened with further readings; this accounts for the gradual evolution manifested when the student revisits, remembers and cross-references the Messenger’s words across various sources of dissemination. Such pre-1975 sources ranged from our official newspaper, broadcasts, lectures, even to his ministers. The impact that the Messenger’s words had on those who heard them was and is immeasurable.

We trust that those who enjoy research and cross referencing the material will find it here in abundance. It will afford greater depth for the veteran as well as a comprehensive perspective for those seeking context to an otherwise never ending show of complexity and uncertainty.

Thank you for your time and interest.


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